The Drone Organ

is a dreammachine/soundinstallation which transforms the sounds of cities, fireworks, motorways into a drone sound. it is made out of two long pipes, no effects and no electronics are beeing used. after a while the installation becomes a part of your body and changes the perception of the listener. each city plays its own symphony and humans, animals, cars are the musicians.

The Drone Series:

recorded on new years eve 2000/2001 on a roof of a spring factory in kreuzberg/berlin.

listen to Fireworks


a candle under a coffeepot inside a piano with open strings. recorded through the pipes of the Drone Organ.

listen to Mokka


collaboration with j. riska, j. biehler and g. kornmann. iceblocks hanging from the ceiling of a huge underground water reservoir. inside the ice are stones. the ice ismelting and the stones are falling on selfmade instruments. the listener's ears are at the drone organ while random and animistic smoothness arte taking place.

listen to Iceorgan


Ocean Drone....stromboli/italy 2002
this drone sound was recorded at a stonecoast of the volcano island stromboli.

listen to Ocean Drone



Wenzlovar is recording "Iceorgan"