No Age Records


(CDR 15 min)
a collection of live recordings – pure instant composing – selfmade instruments




Wenzlovar's Taping Strangers
From Chumlum 1992 to Kulku 2000.
this cd is dedicated to all friends and underground strangers which put their heart and sweat into their own music. don't let the motorcity swamp get us down!



Kulku live
the first live concert as a “real band” (4 humans) shot by Max Gasmann at the trickster/ berlin 2004




The Drone Series
the whole series is recorded with the dreammachine Drone Organ.
(further descriptions and mp3s on the Drone Organ chapter)




Fireworks 2000/2001




Mokka 2001



Iceorgan Berlin 2001



Ocean Drone italy/stromboli 2002




all cds are selfburned cdrs and the covers are handmade.

CD 7 €
DVD 7 €
(the postage inside germany is 2 €)

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